The New Pill: The End of Menstruation
Three things are certain in the life of a Woman: Death, Taxes & Your Period
By Suzanne MacNevin, Bio-chemist and Feminist.
Or they used to be.

Now your period is optional.

Every month hormones that regulate everything from your body temperature to bloating to your period circulate in your blood system, distributing the hormones and causing all sorts of side-effects. For some women, these side-effects are so painful they NEED the pill just in order to maintain a healthy standard of living. I am one of those women.

Some women consider their periods to be "a precious gift". Which is true, but for many women (including myself) having your period is an annoyance. For younger heterosexual women it is a problem to worry about.

"Suzy, I missed my period. I think I might be pregnant?"

"What? I thought you were on the Pill?"

"I forgot my pills when I went to Bermuda, and then when I came back I simply stopped taking them... he usually pulls out in time."

"Omigod! What are you going to do?"

"I haven't decided yet..."

And so on. Its a soap-opera-ish situation that many women will face at some point in their life. The Pill is your friend in many ways. It lessens the cramping/bloating and it prevents pregnancy.

Myself, I'm a lesbian. I'm not worried about getting pregnant. My problem is that I'm a weakling when it comes to pain and my periods are SEVERE. They are intensely painful and I don't even want to work on certain days of the month. I've been tempted to just take a couple sleeping pills at regular intervals and just sleep for several days.

But thats NOT healthy.

Instead, I take the New Pill.

What an one month supply of the regular Pill does is suppress the hormones and includes 7dummy/placebo pills (which contain only sugar) which allow your body to continue having your monthly period.

The New Pill goes one step further. It doesn't suppress the hormones, it prevents them from even being made. While on the New Pill, there is no dummy pills. That means there is no hormones in your system which can trigger your period.

Every day is a regular normal day. No more monthly visits.

And 0% chance of pregnancy after several weeks of taking the New Pill, unless you decide to go off the pill.

When you go off the Pill (the regular one and the new one) your body readjusts and starts producing hormones again. Those hormones release one egg every month and trigger a period once every month.

So that's how they work.

No more tampons, no more pads, no more messy periods, no more PMS and in the case of women like myself who suffer from severe periods, no more pain.

There are two such New Pills on the market: Anya and Seasonale.

Anya provides 365 days of regular period-free pills. Anya also includes so-called "happy hormones" in order to make the user have a more happier lifestyle.

Seasonale is slightly different: 84 days of pills plus 7 days of placebos, resulting in 4 periods per year. Some side-effects include irregular bleeding, suggesting Seasonale doesn't work for everybody.

Some women, including Doctor Shari Brasner of Manitoba, claim that they simply don't have time to menstruate. They live busy lives and don't want to be bogged down by their physiology. Dr. Brasner has been taking birth control pills for 10 years and has been skipping the placebo pills. "I have an incredibly busy day," she says, "and the reality is, I just don't have time to get to the bathroom every two or three hours to change a tampon or a sanitary napkin." She also says they save time, energy and in the long run money, due to cleaning bills alone.

So the next time you get a stain on your favourite undies, remember "Hey, I have a choice now. I don't have to do this every month."

You now have the choice.

We all do.

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