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Welcome to the Canada eZine, the Toronto section!

In here you'll find only articles that relate to Toronto life and lifestyle.


Toronto Artists & Galleries

  • A list of artists and art galleries in Toronto. Perfect for sightseeing and for starting your own art collection.

    Bertram Brooker

  • A historical example of one of Toronto's finest artists.

    The Mirage Freak Show Series

  • A contemporary photography series by Toronto artist Charles Moffat

    Victoria Van Dyke - Autobiography

  • An autobiography of Toronto artist Victoria Van Dyke.

    Jennifer Linton

  • A gallery listing for Toronto artist Jennifer Linton.

    Gothic Fashion

  • A directory of gothic fashion (Toronto is the premiere buyer/seller of gothic clothes).

    Gothic Lolitas

  • An article about a new gothic fashion style that has recently hit Toronto.

    Suzanne MacNevin

  • Articles by Toronto writer Suzanne MacNevin.

    Why I Hate The Group of Seven

  • An article about boring landscapes Vs. modern art.

    Joyce Wieland

  • A historical example of one of Toronto's finest artists.


    Toronto Sales Tax? TST?

  • Should Toronto raise money by creating an one cent tax?

    Toronto Gasoline Prices

  • A slightly outdated articles about the gasoline prices in Toronto.

    Nudes and Prudes

  • A historical essay written by Bertram Brooker.

    HOT HOT HOT 2005

  • 2005 was the hottest year in Toronto's history.

    Hockey Mom Goes Topless!

  • Parents who show too much at a hockey game...

    Electricity Prices

  • An article about Toronto and Canada's electrical problems.

    Ontario Pot

  • An article about pot-smoking in Toronto.

    Freedom of Marriage

  • An article about gay marriages.

    Toronto Economics

  • An article about Toronto's stock exchange during 2005.

    Gay Marriages

  • Another article about gay marriages.

    A Drag Queen for Mayor?

  • Looking back at Enza Anderson, the draq queen who ran for mayor.

    Doctors Driving Taxis

  • An article about immigration laws.

    Canadian Sex Industry

  • An article about prostitution.

    TTC Fare Hikes

  • An article about the Toronto Tranist Commission raising the price of subway and bus fares.

    Toronto's New Subway Cars

  • Dubbed "the Silver Bullet", shiny new subway cars are coming to Toronto.


    The Toronto Horticultural Society

  • A website about the Allan Gardens.


    Toronto's Condos and Highrises

  • A website about Toronto's condominiums and architecture.