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A Quick Look at 21st Century Digital Erotica:

To analyze modern digital erotica we have to step back and look at all the different kinds available. A lot of it is pretty sick and disgusting.

In this article we will be examining many different artists: Sagemonn, Karynna, Helmut Siegfried Bother, Michael DeFazio, Dave Eckerle and A.B Lust. Many of the artists use fake names to promote their artwork online, partly due to the fact that the artwork is freakish and disturbing and partly because internet culture frequently uses pseudonyms to protect the real person's identity.

Products of Disturbed Minds

Unlike erotica from previous generations digital art in the 21st century tends to be highly disturbing, highly imaginative and immersed in its own little fantasy world for demons, angels and aliens are real, perversity is common and the people are always beautiful regardless of their situation. Its a bit like looking at Conan fantasy art that has been injected with a dose of science fiction and religious sexual perversion.

Most of the artists are male and the artwork itself varyingly raises women up as heroic symbols of sex and power and alternatively reduces them to sex slave victims.

Thus we see the duality that is the modern male erotic artist that frequently subjugates and enslaves women visually and glorifies their beauty and strength. We can only conclude that the artists have developed a love-hate relationship with women and have embraced a kind of "visual rape".

You might quickly conclude that many of these artists are losers who live in their parents' basement, that they have no girlfriends and couldn't get a date if their life depending on it. Some of which is true. But don't be surprised if many of these artists are also highly educated, well employed and married with children. Sometimes people make these artworks late at night while their families sleep. We cannot presume that just because the artworks are frequently sick and perverse that the people who make them don't appear and seem normal in every day life.

According to the artists and fans however:

"It's a reflection of a free open mind towards the sexual exploration beyond any limits. It's about sexual possibilities, real or science fiction. People trapped in sex machines, taken by robots or lustful creatures."

"It seems to me that they use the whole collective of images we know, from fairy tales to horror, as an idea basket for their own creations. A real postmodern way of using, combining and transforming to make this unique art."

"All the work has a dark feel to it. Watching a women being taken by some snakelike creature is not a usual thing to see. It's scary but also intriguing. What makes it even more fascinating is that regardless what you see the artists have a smooth, aesthetical artistic approach."

"Personally I find most of the works marvelous and fascinating. Some works though go beyond my erotic borders so to speak. But I think it's showing us a real different way of experiencing erotic art, or pornographic art whatever term you want to use."

Method wise the artists don't always draw things free hand using a mouse pointer. Sometimes the artists use models/porn as a starting point and then merge the image into a digital setting.

The artist has total free license to draw whatever sensual, exciting, narrative or just plain disgusting thought they want to. Because the final product is digital the artwork is reproduced online and spreads through networks and websites that promote erotica/pornography.

And no amount of bad press will deter these artists from creating whatever disturbing (or not so disturbing) images they want to.

Some of the artists like A.B. Lust are inspired by Japanese Hentai (cartoon porn) and frequently incorporate tentacle rape (from the La Blue Girl phenomenon). Tentacle rape has a long history in Japanese art.

A.B. Lust about his work:

“images may cause viewers to reconsider previously accepted ideas of pain an pleasure. Symptoms may include heart flutters, stiffness or wetness between the thighs, and general sexual arousal.” and “It's the Universe, totally recreated under sexy and imaginative laws. Fantasies in freedom, there is no limit for imagination”

According to news reports the porn industry is seeing a huge loss in profits in 2006 and 2007 and has been pointing fingers at a growing erotica industry.

Beate Uhse, Germany's largest sex retailer, for example has decided to diversify its products in order to stay more competitive. The company is expanding into the clothing industry and is focusing more on producing erotica over pornography.

This is the power of the internet at work. DVD sales for porn are down. People can find what they are looking for online for free, and digital erotica provides an unusual alternative to regular porn.

Some would say this might be a turn to something better, that the porn industry might be dying, but there is a downside. Digital erotica is unregulated, open to extreme perversity and extremely violent scenes of rape and child abuse.

So what is the final say on 21st century digital erotica? Some of it is good and some of it is outright sick, but thats to be expected from artwork that is created and reproduced behind closed doors.

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