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Visions of an Erotic Future

(This section showcases the artwork of Amazonsoul and Richard Marchand.)

Drawing inspiration from science fiction ideas like Star Trek, Star Wars and Barbarella scifi erotic artists are creating images of the future where women wear tight unusual clothing, battle alien sex fiends and cyborg zombies, and where eroticism and technology seems to merge.

Its a future where people race super-fast machines across a barren landscape, live in geodesic domes and are armed to the teeth with laser-rifles.

Its also a future where every woman is breathtakingly beautiful with impossibly long limbs. Realistic? Hardly.

Not that are current ideals of beauty in the mass media are any more realistic. Elongated bodies and impossible shapes.

Not that the men who enjoy this kind of artwork/pornography care about realism: They do. But its the height of visual realism, not the anatomically possible that they are concerned with. They want the "graphics" to appear as real as possible, as if they could actually touch the cyborg women and fondle their perfectly rounded breasts. They're not worried about the impossible standards of beauty they are looking at.

In these futuristic fantasies the women are often bald, completely hairless and wear skintight metallic clothes that look like they were painted on with latex paint.

To some extent its a complete stereotype. Its one part 7-of-9 (the silver-skintight-wearing Borg from Star Trek Voyager) and one part wet dream of a woman who is sexually aggressive, available and a willing sex partner: In other words, a slut.

They say blondes have more fun, that gentlemen prefer blondes, and that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So in theory men should be drawing lots of busty German women carrying beer and pretzels... right? But they're not.

Instead they're bald and starved to extreme thinness with breast implants. The women of the future must be popping vitamin supplements constantly because we never see them eating anything.

But how often do we see women eating in pornography? Unless its bananas, cherries and whip cream of course.

The barren landscape suggests the world is either alien and lifeless or our precious earth has been reduced to great swathes of desert due to global warming. Sometimes the artists take a different route and show glimpses of the distant past. Ruins of past civilizations, whether it be the shattered remains of the Statue of Liberty or Egyptian ruins.

Thus these artworks represent a sort of nostalgia for an apocalyptic future in which food is scarce, all the women are thin and beautiful, the technology is seemingly unlimited and can even bring the dead back to life in the form of cyborg zombies.

It's also a future where reality and virtual reality becomes blurred and twisted. As our technology grows new ideas of interfacing with the technology around us allows us to enter a visual paradise of circuitry. Games like Second Life and virtual sex games offer people the opportunity to have sex online with avatars of other people from around the world.

Like the erotica seen here those games also use elongated forms, strange clothing and unrealistic human shapes. So will the real world ever be like artwork seen here? Likely not. But the virtual world could.

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Fantasy Eroticism

(This section showcases the artwork of Adrian Welch and Brom.)

There is long history of sex in fantasy art. Indeed some might argue that all fantasy art has sex in it somehow (even those horny looking unicorns). Fantasy is largely about symbolism, magic and the impossible.

Fantasy art often takes inspiration from fairy tales, nursery rhymes, tales of magic and mystery. [See Little Miss Muffet and the Spider to the Right.]

Fantasy artists draw their ideas from daydreams, fantasy books, Freud, Greek mythology and a huge variety of sources.

Sometimes fantasy artists tend to lean towards the more gothic or fetishy art in term of style, but there are dramatic similarities to Scifi erotica: Elongated impossible bodies, unusual clothing (or no clothing) and sometimes shows figures with a historical background.

Fantasy art can be much more abstract in conception and less worried about realistic representation. The men and women are often bursting with muscles (where there isn't any real muscles), extra limbs, wings, horns, halos and more.

Like "Star Wars" fantasy art sometimes merges with science fiction and there is a blurring between whether it is science fiction or whether it is fantasy. "Star Wars" is considered to be fantasy because the heroes use swords, use the Force (essentially magic) and never bothers to explain the scientific reasoning or technology behind space travel.

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