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Are you finding your libido isnít rising to the occasion as often as it should?

By Sephera Giron - November 2007.

Take a look around your love nest and see if there isnít something gumming up the works.

Your bedroom should be the center of your romantic universe. The best vibes for a master bedroom is the south west part of the home. If you canít get your bedroom there, then try some other tips to create a better love life.

If you have a toilet, bathtub, Jacuzzi, etc. in the southwest corner of the home (like I do!) then youíll have to try extra hard to activate those happy sexy vibes. Keep the door to your bathroom closed. Keep your toilet lid shut. Put lots of crystals in the windows and on the sinks to absorb negative vibrations. Burn a red or pink candle in that bathroom every now and again and focus on attracting loving energy. Sage the room periodically.

The bedroom itself should be designed for intimacy and nothing else. This is true in feng shui and the Kama Sutra. Your best bet is to have a rose or salmon colored bedroom. Never keep your home office in your bedroom. In fact, in real feng shui, you shouldnít have a tv in your bedroom either, or if you do, it must be covered up while you sleep. You shouldnít have a mirror directly facing your bed as this can add more people into the relationship. If you have a mirror (such as on your dresser and you canít position it anywhere else, again, like my house) then try to keep it covered at night. I used to do this when I was single, and within a few months of doing all the things Iím describing, I met my fiancť.

Clear the clutter. Nothing fouls up feng shui vibes more then useless clutter. In the bedroom, think in terms of pairs. Two nightstands, two candles, etc.

Look at the pictures in your bedroom. They should all be of couples. Loving couples. There should be no children photos in your bedroom. There should be no sad or lonely pictures. Avoid aggressive pictures. If you know a couple with a fantastic marriage, you could put a picture of them in your bedroom.

Put a little table in your southwest corner if you can. If you canít, try the right hand corner. If you canít, then anywhere at all. Put two pink candles on it and burn them every now and again (or new moon and full moon), focusing on bringing love and happiness into your life. Go to a Chinese market and buy two mandarin ducks and put them on the table. Mandarin ducks mate for life and are considered lucky for relationships.

Put red knots on pictures of yourself and your lover.

Keep a picture of two fish under your mattress. You can also keep crystal hearts under your mattress.

Give lots of compliments. Create the rule that once you are in the bedroom, there is to be no talk of work or children.

Keep your nightstand ready for loving. Stash your toys, lube, bottles of water, hand towels, birth control, and so on within easy reach so the flow of lovemaking isnít interrupted trying to look for your stuff.

Feed each other fruit and chocolate and speak gently to each other about sexual ideas.

Give each other a massage or take a shower together to build intimacy.

One last tip. To attract a lover, keep a small piece of rose quartz in your bra or pocket.

If your libido is still dragging, try taking some Horny Goat Weed (available at health food stores)

About: Sephera Giron

Sephera Giron is a lifestyle journalist, professional energy worker, and the author of nine books. She spent two years studying and researching the Kama Sutra for her own fulfillment and has become a self-educated expert on the subject. She holds certificates in Reiki, Touch for Health, and Tarot/Metaphysical Counseling.

Sephera is also the horoscope columnist for a major online dating website and has been reading tarot for many years. She lives in Ontario.

Suggested Works:

Author of the Kama Sutra Seductions Deck, Quiver Press, October 2007.

Hungarian Rhapsody, Neon Books, September 2007.

House Magic:The Good Witchís Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space. Pen name: Ariana, Conari, 2001.



The Symbolism Of Double Fishes

The fish is a very symbolic creature which represents abundance and wealth in feng shui and for oriental traditions. Having fishes in the kitchen is a great way of helping abundance and provisions to be always present in the house. Feng shui practitioners recommend having fishes and double fishes in the kitchen or the living room in order to make sure that those who inhabit the house will always have what they need.

Yu, which means fish, phonetically matches the word for abundance, which might be a coincidence but is very symbolic as well. It is very common to see objects representing fishes in many Chinese houses, most of the times in the kitchen but sometimes in the living rooms as well.

Fishes are abundant in the sea and provide us an unlimited source of nourishment and supplies. It is a natural source of human sustenance which can be found in abundant amounts. Therefore, they are an abundant creature itself and its symbolism might be highly due to this aspect of their nature.

A fish is also seen as a symbol of fertility. Fishes have notable abilities for reproduction which makes them an ideal icon for symbolizing fertility. They are always together and travel as a team which makes them also symbolize unity and marriage.

A fish is also a symbol of life renewal. This creature survives all times and ťpoques and is always there for other beings to nurture from them. They are constantly renewing and giving birth to next generations, and this is seen by the oriental cultures as a great symbol of life preservation and regeneration. They show strength and are seen as representing a power for restoration and revival as well as rejuvenation and the power of continuation through time.

Double fishes represent unity, marriage and abundance not only in food provisions but also in children and family in general. Having double fishes in the living room or the room in which the family gathers to eat is a great way of assuring abundance in all aspects and for all the family members.

Double fishes is also the symbol of Pisces in Greek Astrology.

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