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Getting a Leg Up
So many times, people rush to give attention to the obvious erogenous zones without first heightening passion in other ways. The next time youíre with your partner, we suggest you give some special attention to their legs. Work from the bottom to the top, lingering at each location. Kiss the backs of their ankles. Tickle their calves. Blow on the backs of their knees. Then stroke and massage their inner and outer thighs using a mix of light and heavy strokes. This last part of your "journey" will not only create exquisite sexual tension between you, it will also physically prep your partner for an amazing orgasm by bringing extra blood flow to their genitals.

A Nimble Nibble
Ever wonder how to use your teeth during love play without harming the object of your desire? (After all, the human bite can do some damage!) The first rule of thumb is start slowly and be gentle. Communicate with your partner as you go to establish what feels right. You might begin by simply grazing parts of your loverís body as you kiss them, using the edges of your teeth almost like fingernails, lightly tickling shoulders, arms, hands. Or suck each one of your loverís fingers, softly applying the pressure of your teeth as you remove them from your mouth. If they enjoyed this technique, try lightly biting the back of their neck or other body parts during a session of passionate necking. Their reaction will likely tell you right away whether itís something that they enjoy and if itís safe to apply more pressure. But remember, in the heat of the moment itís easy to get worked up. When youíre using your teeth thereís a fine line between inflaming your loverís passion and inflicting pain. Be careful!

A Smooth Touch
If you want to add more sensuality to your love play -- and to your daily life -- have your partner rub you down with your favorite lotion after your morning shower or at the end of the day before going to bed. In the five or ten minutes it will take to cover you from head to foot, youíll both benefit from the touch of one anotherís skin, the feel and smell of the lotion, and the whole experience of being close. Then next time, you can do the honors. This allows your lover to feel the warmth of your touch and have you explore every inch of their body (not just tried and true erogenous zones). In the short time it takes to complete this sensual ritual, youíll not only take care of your bodies and ease daily tension, but most importantly, youíll enjoy reconnecting as a couple.

Game Night
If your house is like most, then youíve got games stacked in a closet somewhere that rarely get used. It might be an old board game, a word game, or a trivia game. Whatever you have around, take it out some night when your lover is with you and challenge them to a game. They might not be very excited until you tell about the sexy stakes. Maybe you play a game where spelling out naughty words is encouraged and the winner gets to have the loser as their love slave for a night. A match might require you to shed a piece of clothing for each missed answer. The rules you choose can be your own. What's important is that you make the night playful and passionate using what you've already got around. Anyone up for naked Twister?

Let the Games Begin
It's long been known -- at least among so-called sports widows and the occasional sports widower -- that your significant other's sports season of choice can put a damper on your sex life. "Baby, just let me watch the game." Sound familiar? If so, the next time your lover's team comes on TV, make him a deal. You'll watch the game together, each picking a team and "betting" for sexual favors. For basketball fans, the next two points your team scores might get you a kiss on the neck. A three-point shot could earn your lover a sensual massage during the commercial break. For you football fans, your team's touchdown might be good for oral favors. Whatever rules you make up together, by the game's end, I doubt you'll end up watching television!

Carnal Card Play
You don't necessarily need fancy games to spice things up! Take a regular deck of cards and simply assign naughty deeds to be done to each number. For example: A number seven card, no matter the suit, stands for an ear nibble; a nine may mean slow dancing ... naked; and face cards are wild. The point is, you and your lover make it the perfect sexy game for the both of you. Just shuffle the deck and pick a card for a night of sensual fun!

Dream On!
Don't forget to exercise the most important erotic muscle your have: your mind. Letting yourself fantasize throughout the day about sexy scenes and sensual acts builds your anticipation and creativity. This is a surefire way to make sex that much more satisfying when you finally get to indulge, whether you have a lovemaking session with a partner or a solo session with the star of your fantasies!

Spice It Up
Don't believe in the power of aphrodisiacs? Does the thought of oysters upping libido or chocolate being a substitute for sex make you want to laugh? Then perhaps you should try the more down-to-earth effects of everyday spices! Garlic is known for its circulation-boosting properties, so try adding some to your next meal to increase blood flow to special places. Not in the mood for garlic? Try ginger. It's a great taste enhancer (a very important one of your five senses) and causes a warm, tingly sensation when ingested, giving you a head start on other warm, tingly feelings!

31 Flavors
There are so many delectable flavors of lubricant and edible body products now available, why settle for just one? Some night when you want to give your lover a special treat, dab different flavors of lubricant strategically over your different erogenous zones and have your sweetie taste your skin to discover them one by one. It will be a delicious adventure for both of you!

Pre-Play Foreplay
Why wait to be in your partner's arms to initiate a sexual romp? Let the foreplay begin on your drive home. Call your lover and start telling a hot story filled with sensual and sexy details about how you felt all day thinking about having a passionate, steamy encounter with them. Above all, express that you can hardly wait to see and touch them. It will get your partner excited before you ever lay eyes on them. Inquire about the clothing your partner is wearing; you might even ask for all clothing to be removed by the time you get home! After all, what are cell phones for, if not to initiate important appointments? Use yours to indulge in some pre-foreplay and you'll make a sexy night together last even longer.

Shower Your Senses
Showering before sex doesn't just get you clean; it prepares your body for ecstasy. Showering warms and loosens muscles (great for flexibility), clears your nasal passages, thereby enhancing your sense of smell (think pheromones), and increases your circulation so that your body is more receptive to touch. (Good blood flow is a key to sexual responsiveness.) Want to make your pre-sex shower even more satisfying? Make it part of foreplay. Invite your partner to bathe with you and rub one another down with a sensual bath oil or aromatic bath gel.

Make Foreplay a Breeze
Believe it or not, even air can be used as an erotic tool--a particularly enticing one during hot summer nights. Have your lover strip down to their birthday suit and lie flat on the bed with their eyes closed. (You might even want to blindfold them.) Then, use your breath or a small, handheld fan to blow on them gently, moving from erogenous zone to erogenous zone. Soon enough, they're likely to be begging for your touch.

Savor Sweet Sensations
Consider the erotic possibilities of produce. Fruit is delicious and sensual, whether you and your partner share an erotic snack, place a morsel in your mouths to sweeten a kiss, or lightly rub juicy pieces over one anotherís bodies to lick off. Try feeding your lover a succulent strawberry or a ripe piece of mango at the end of a romantic dinner and see where it leads!

Undressed and Impressed
Try a new twist on an old favorite: Perform a unique striptease dance for your lover. First, impose a strict look-but-donít-touch rule. (Using soft wrist restraints on your partner will help.) Then, as you disrobe, erotically remove articles of clothing from them, as well. Do this until you are both naked and ready for more action. You may or may not want to remove their restraints!

Mix Up Your Massages
Massage is a wonderful, intimate way to be romantic with your partner, but even massages can become routine. So mix it up! One time touch your partner using only soft, feather-light strokes over every inch of their body. Another time, use different, oiled parts of your body -- like your forearms, chest, and thighs -- to caress and rub your partner. You can even make massage a game, choosing the strokes and body parts, and different massage oils.

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Get in the Zone
First, ask your partner to pick a favorite non-genital erogenous zone on their body (nape of neck, back of knee, earlobes, hands, tummy, etc.). Then, for the next 24 hours, lavish special attention on that one spot or zone. Try caressing it, kissing it, blowing on it, rubbing ice on it -- get creative! The goal is to see just how heated up you can make each other throughout the day. This will lead to some really intense sex by evening.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt
On your next big date night with your partner, tantalize them with a playful adult scavenger hunt! Hide your sex toys and other racy treats around the house and give your lover clues on where to find them. To add some fun to the game, you might want to shed a piece of clothing each time they find something youíve hidden. But let them know they canít get their real prize until theyíve found the very last one. As for what that prize is, we'll leave that to your imagination!

Daring Strip Poker
If youíre in a frisky mood, try playing a game of strip poker (or rummy or gin) with your partner. When youíve both lost all of your clothes, dare each other to do silly tricks in the buff. For instance, you could dare your naked partner to do a headstand, cartwheel or jumping jacks, or attempt to give you an erotic belly or hula dance. Youíre both sure to have a good laugh. Laughing with each other while naked can help boost your body confidence and is a great erotic mood enhancer. Try getting naked together with Poker for Lovers.

X Marks the Spot
The next time you and your lover are together, each take a piece of paper and draw a picture or outline of your body on it (even if itís a stick figure!). Then, mark an X on every spot you want your lover to touch, lick or kiss. When youíre both done, trade papers. Now you have an erotic treasure map that you can use to explore your partnerís body.

Heighten Your Senses
Expanding the range of sensations that youíre open to can really heighten what you experience during sex. One way you and your partner can experiment with this idea is by taking turns blindfolding one another and having each other taste a number of different foods. Choose a range of foods that are very different. Some should be salty, some should be sweet and some should even be bitter. Tasting one food after another without knowing what to expect will make each flavor more intense. If you and your partner like this experience, you can also try it using different scents (like peppermint, lemon and floral scents) or sounds (from beating drums to the sound of your breath in their ear).

Be Daring and Delicious
Surprise your lover by placing a drop of flavored oil, gel or nipple balm somewhere on your body that you know your lover will lick during foreplay. Once the action starts, watch your loverís face as they taste this unexpected treat. Chances are, theyíll soon be searching your body for more!

Erotic Produce
Fruit is delicious and sensual, whether sharing an erotic snack, rubbing it lightly over your lover's body or licking the juice off of select body parts. Try freezing some grapes and using them like an ice cube (just be sure not to choke on them!).

Chill 'em Out
Run an ice cube over your lover's body while it melts before sex! They'll get the chills, and then you can warm them up.

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