Sexist, Racist Pig: Pope John Paul II

Roman Catholic Cardinals or "Princes of the Church" are appointed by the pope, and on his death, elect the new pope from amongst their own ranks.

In fact of the 117 Cardinals that now govern the Roman Catholic church, only 3 of them were not appointed by Pope John Paul II. The other 114 were all made Cardinals by John Paul II.

But what is very interesting is WHERE these Cardinals are from.

44% of the world's Catholics live in South America, but South America has only 18% of the Cardinals, a mere 21 out of the 117 Cardinals.

That statistic seems rather unfair when compared to Europe which has only 26% of the world's Catholic population, and yet has almost 50% of the Cardinals (58 Cardinals to be exact).

Maybe the late Pope John Paul just doesn't like people from South America, despite the fact they are his largest flock.


Asia and Africa combined have 23% of the world's Catholic population, almost an identical number to the 26% that live in Europe... and yet Asia and Africa only have 9% of the Cardinals each (11 Cardinals each).

And here's the clincher...

North America has only 7% of the world's Catholic population, but has 12% of the Cardinals...

Why was the late Pope John Paul II playing favourites with North America and Europe?

The answer is blatantly simple.

Pope John Paul II, born in 1920 in a small village in Poland, was racist.

The statistical facts speak for themselves.

Let me put it a different way... More than 60% of all Catholics live in Second and Third World Countries, yet more than 66% of the Cardinals live in First World Countries like the European Union, Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

But his misdeeds don't stop at simply discouraging Africans, Asians and Latinos from becoming Cardinals. The Catholic Church has often stated that the world-wide AIDS epidemic is the result of evil sinners and at the same time forbid people the use of condoms, stating it is a sin. The church's popularity in Asia and Africa has led to AIDS epidemics in those places because "using condoms is a sin" as far as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned. In my opinion, this results in a "passive genocide"... by doing nothing to prevent AIDS, it contributes to the genocide of thousands of non-white people.

But the Pope and his Cardinals don't just hate non-white people. They also hate and despise women.

For decades women have being trying to become Catholic priests. They are not content being simply nuns. They want the right to become a priest.

But every time the topic came up, Pope John Paul II invoked the Papal Infallibility rule... namely a rule invented 2 centuries ago that states "the Pope can never be wrong". Therefore women cannot become priests because "the Pope said so", and the conversation basically stops there. He refuses to let women into the clergy.

But it still doesn't stop there.

The Roman Catholic Church has a seat on the United Nations, called "the Holy See", it is in essence the only religion that gets a vote on the United Nations, this is because the Vatican is considered to be a separate country from the rest of Italy.

During nearly every occasion in which the United Nations had an opportunity to give education to women, help women or non-white people in a crisis situation, the Vatican has voted against the idea. The AIDS crisis in Africa... Building schools to help educate women and children in third world countries... Evacuating women and children from Rwanda so they don't get killed in the genocide that killed 1 million Rwandans

The Holy See voted against them all.

That last one is especially important.

Its remarkably to similar to a previous Pope during WWII who sided with Italy and Germany, and "gave Hitler permission to exterminate the Jews of Europe".

Something to think about.

I am certain that if there is a Heaven and a Hell, Pope John Paul II (otherwise known by his real name "Karol Jozef Wojtyla") went straight to Hell.