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Megan Swaine is an eccentric writer who is aquainted with various forms and mediums, but is currently devoting herself to New Media. She has an honours degree in Creative Writing, from York University, and has recently graduated from the Online Writing and Information Design program at Centennial College, which has prepared her for the New Media industry. She's interested in working in Interactive Storytelling (such as in Gaming Development), or writing for online publications.

Her Articles in the Lilith eZine:

City Sidewalks, Cyber Sidewalks


    The Future of Mobile Gaming: Whose hands is it in?


    Apartment of the Future… Today!


    Published Work:

    Riverdale Share Christmas Website
    Wrote and edited content for the Media and Concert sections, for Class Site Project:
    January to April 2005

    A View on the Garden
    Submitted poetry for the annual anthology, representing Atkinson College "Readings at Noon" poetry group
    2001 to present

    On the Wall online magazine
    Edited and wrote for the Entertainment Section of online student magazine
    Previously located at (now defunct) 2001 to 2002

    Northumberland News "Opinion Shaper" Column
    Wrote a series of columns for local newspaper

    Film Credits:

    Starred in "Nuclear Winter", the 2005 short film directed by Charles Moffat.

    Personal Website:

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